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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is 9 news now. even as the snow startedded to fly once again, utility crews and others worked overnight to try to restore service and keep roads passible. good morning. i'm andrea roane. the day will have long coverage of the latest snowstorm is just getting started and you probably know this, just about everything is closed. we are running closings at the bottom of the screen and on our website constantly at howard bernstein is here with weather. angie goff has the traffic. we start off with howard. >> things are calm right now. it is snowing moderately in spots but this is the calm part of the storm. dangerous winds will set up this morning in to the afternoon. blizzard warnings in spots going up at 10:00 a.m., not the metro but north and east of us. he even in the mountains.
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this is a serious situation. not as much snow as saturday, thankfully but still plenty of snow and then the winds will kick up. start off on the weather computer. low pressure off shore. another low from the west. we have seen snows increase at a good slip over the last hour. snowing much heavier across parts of pennsylvania. as we go to live doppler hd. i want to show you what is going on locally. we have heavier snow bands setting up across the metro, northern maryland and parts of virginia here. heaviest stuff is east side of town right now. we're seeing some returns here in prince georges county. now, this might be sleet, but if this snow, and i believe it is starting to transition from a moderate to heavy snow, this could be coming in better than one or two inches an hour. same story with the pockets of pink, purple you are seeing
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davidsonville, hearwood and bowie. and krofton. we are seeing dark blue, where you see that that is three- quarters to an inch an hour. we have winter storm warnings for us until 7. and the pink areas in northern maryland over to annapolis and baltimore and frederick and in the mountains and delaware, new jersey and philadelphia, blizzard warnings go in to affect at 10:00. we are thinking winds could be gusting potentially over 45 miles an hour today. thinking storm totals are six to 12 in the pink areas. and in the mountains where the snow will continue, probably for a couple of days with the upslope. angie is standing by. >> the snowplow drivers are out there working around the clock trying to keep up and i want to advise you if you have to pass one, please look to the side. look for that wing plow on the side to avoid that. because you don't want to cause
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any type of accident. 395 northbound, the lanes are okay, going northbound. going southbound at the king street exit is where we have a downed tree blocking all lanes on that ramp. on 66, we will switch over the camera. going eastbound, the disabled vehicle at the fairfax county parkway, getting word that is out of the area. meanwhile you saw a moment ago the eastbound and westbound lanes are drivable but remember you want to accelerate slowly. you want to maintain control. next stop, the outer loop in maryland, lanes are open out here. we are live from university to 355 and shady grove. the majority of the roads near this area are snow covered. you see the snow is coming down pretty fast. a lot of sleet in the mix, as well. and let's wrap with pennsylvania and minnesota. we have blankets of snow across the district, andrea. back to you. our crews have been practically camped out at an intersection in gaithersburg
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since last saturday. kristin fisher has a look at the conditions there. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the shell station actually. exxon station is just across the street. picked up a nice cup of hot coffee and i'm not going to put it down right now because it is keeping me very warm as we continue our live shots throughout the morning. if you need to get gas this morning, you should have done it last night, but if you need it i'm happy to report this gas station does have gas. we watched bruce leshan as he did a live report as the tanker truck was coming in, refilling the station just in time for the next round of winter weather and it's a good thing because check out the driveway that a tanker would have to drive up now. last night the road was looking clear now you can see it has a solid layer covering it. now, if we can just turn right a little bit, perfect, i want to show you what we are dealing with in terms of how much snow has accumulated from the last
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storm. here's a nice it will million snow bank here and i'm going to brush it off with my foot. you can see we have gotten four to five inches overnight and under that, there it is, see the black, hard, dirty ice, that is from the weekend storm and that's one of the dangers on the road right now. you have ice from the last storm and light snow from last night. dangerous roads on the road. we will be on all morning long. >> thank you very much. you saw the conditions under her foot. the snowstorm will further strain nerves already frayed by last weekend's blizzard. in the district many streets were never plowed down to the pavement before the flakes started to fly yesterday. nonstop roadwork is even wearing down the equipment. >> it is terrible. >> yeah. >> we have had some equipment that is obviously gone down. and we just repair it as fast
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as humanly possible. >> reporter: the dc gnash guard has been called to help transport police, fire and medical personnel in between home and work. meanwhile some business owners say they need a break in the customer just to get some customers. in preparation for the storm, crews in the city of alexandria tried to pretreat as many roads as upon. for now the mayor says leave the job to the professionals. >> we want our residents to stay home, spend time with their family and let us get out and take care of emergency and snow routes and get them cleared and plowed and so forth. >> reporter: once the storm is over the mayor will ask residents to clean their sidewalks and around fire hydrants as well as checking sewers and gutters to make sure they are not blocked. see how the streets of alexandria look this morning. jessica doyle has more. >> good morning, jessica. >> good morning, andrea. the snow is really coming down and we want to show you how the
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streets are looking here. the plows are out in force. you have a combination of factors. you should do what the major is telling you to do. stay home and let the crews deal with this. right here we have pavement. you can see pavement. walk a couple of feet over and this is slush. we keep walking. this is a solid block of ice here and this will cause problems for drivers today. you are moving along, doing great. the road is looking fantastic and then hit a chunk of ice. we are seeing this all throughout the region. i will tell you the major roadways in northern virginia look pretty fantastic compared to the last couple of days. i spent an hour driving around this morning. i drove 395, 95, the mixing bowl. i mean pavement. it looks like we are having a rain more than snow event if you look at theories and in terms of alexandria, i would say this is where they have
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their work cut out for them because there are all of these big patches of ice in the roadway. if you don't have a high wheel base on your truck or car you may potentially have some issues because of these large blocks of ice on the roadway. potentially people could get stuck. we will continue to tell you this morning, you want to stay home and let the crews do the work that they are doing. it is pretty so you can watch 9 news now. if you want to experience it, we will experience it in the elements so you don't have to step out yourself. with that, we will throw it back to you. >> thank you. our medical community is putting out a call for more volunteers with four-wheel drives. the national kidney foundation needs help giving dialysis patients a ride. many rely on metro access to get to their appointments and some patients in dc have already missed two sessions. doctors community hospital if prince georges county needs help transporting staff members and we are hearing holy cross
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hospital needs volunteers today. if you can help, go to and click on the story under headlines. there you'll also find much more storm safety coverage. other medical professionals also scramble to keep people safe. we will look at how the storm challenged visiting nurses coming up. and many area emergency room departments took extra precautions to handle any crisis in the storm. you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. treacherous conditions around the region p. please don't drive if you don't have to. more coming up. virginia says a mistake was made by one of the crews and
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led to a house fire in arlington. the crew working got wires crossed sending electricity down what should have been a deadline and in to the home. the company is working to help the homeowner. today fire and ems are avoiding scenes like this one. they couldn't make it down the street. they placed extra trucks and ambulances in strategic spots. the lull before the snowstorm was crucial for many visiting nurses in the area. rns checked in on some of the most fragile patients making sure they are stable and looking for signs of infection or other symptoms that could be life-threatening if not treated. we are far from the only ones afced by the storm and we don't have to worry about the lake affect. more on that coming up. it is 5:11. here's howard. >> we have to worry about more
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snow. blizzard warnings are also in affect at 10:00 for some. we will break it down. devon lucie joins me when 9 news now this morning returns. brendon: did you know walmart is designing stores that are over 20% more energy efficient? vo: plus, we're committed to one day powering every one of our stores in america with 100% renewable energy. vo: because we believe the best way to power savings, is innovation. save money. live better. walmart.
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gstore management team started as hourly associates? brendon: because at walmart we're about more than just jobs, we're about careers. brendon: and that makes life more fruitful for everyone. save money. live better. walmart. a lot of people in the midwest are sharing our misery this this morning the slow- moving system created bands of
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lake effect snow over the chicago area. while highways were still passable, conditions got much worse often secondary roads. the forecasters predict up to a foot and a half of snow in the chicago area. we're lucky. >> we don't have the lake effect snow. >> no. but we have our own problems. >> and you are talking about the wicked winds we will be facing as well as snow coming down. >> some areas this afternoon will be talking gusts over 40 miles an hour. with the blizzard warnings going up we have snow. if there is any winner out of the event it is the areas south and west. culpeper to charlottesville, those regions like look like the moisture will be less and you are farther away from the storm, even to harrissonburg, as well. doesn't look as snowy or windy for you. talk about the storm. this is a very dangerous situation we are dealing with. the weather headlines, dangerous coastal storm. the winds, the drifting that
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will occur later, really the signature more so than the snowfall. the snow will taper off this afternoon, if not this evening out to our east and then the winds will pick up later this morning through late this afternoon. we're talking about winds 20 to 40-mile an hour and could be gusting more than that and blizzard warnings at 10:00 this morning. the snowfall break down. another three to six this morning and one to four this afternoon. after 6:00, east of dc, northeast of dc can't rule out another inch or two with a general storm total from 4 to 14. some areas will clip that up north. devon will have the totals for you in a moment. heavy snow. becoming windy as the morning progresses. the winds are picking up. thinking 20 to 40 this morning but 20 to on 40 this afternoon with highs in the 25 to 30 range. another one to four inches.
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very windy. dangerous winds. i do foresee more outages. mostly cloudy and windy and cold and lows in the 20s. looking at the radar, we have moisture. a lot of snow for pennsylvania. philly is getting crushed by the storm. the snow spilled in the last hour. go to live doppler hd and show you the local activity, which is light to moderate, even locally heavy now. all of those dark blue areas, even down to new market in the park and warrenton and out to front royal, those areas are seeing moderate snowfall. it is spitting. it's not everywhere, though. but polices war reasonton, culpeper, it is scattered about the heavier snows are more concentrated in the metro. charles county you see the heavy band there, northwestern charles county. in prince georges county we have been watching moderate to heavy snowfall there. upper marlboro region and this is going up 301.
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you can see the pink purple north of davidsonville approaching route 50 and scattered about in the northern part of the county in to montgomery county. look at jessup and columbia there. howard county getting in on that. 108 between olney, clarksville, snow is coming down and even as you head up to the east side of damascus seeing heavier snow up 97. watch out. that's probably coming down two inches an hour right now. heavy snow in areas. here in washington, we have light to moderate snow. out on the weather terrace checking it out with more information is deafen. >> we are looking at moderate snow in the northwest. the good news, and there's a couple of really good factors in here. howard just mentioned these two. we will be out of the bull's eye of the snowstorm here and we will not see the worst of it coming in. we are seeing the steady snow coming in. north and east is where the heaviest and worst will hit. off to the west, the best part
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of this, even less snow totals than in the district. so see what we have for snow totals. germantown, maryland ten inches of snow which morning. so we should flip that. that should be -- no, that is correct. germantown at three. this is from our viewers. smithsburg ten. i was wrong, these are correct. here at the studios in northwest on the weather terrace we measured three inches since last night. we will probably put another half inch on top of that. blizzard warnings go in to affect here east. anne arundel county, baltimore county, north in to frederick. the metro is not included in the blizzard warning that goes in to affect at 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. but we are under a winter storm warning until 7:00. >> yeah, we are. it will be rough north and east. show you what is happening temperature-wise. 20s to 30s is not going to change. the winds aren't bad now.
5:20 am
that will pick up big time and storm totals talking about six to 12 locally and 12 or more north and east. southwest and south where we have had melting. things get better after today. windy tomorrow, 35. not bad on friday, saturday and sunday but monday a clipper system could bring us more snow. hate to say it with a high of 32. >> good morning, howard. normally i'm a yes girl but this morning it is no, no, no, no bus service for metro. no above-ground service for metro, no marc service, no vre and no dash bus in alexandria. the roads out there speak for themselves, folks. anne arundel county, 424 is close at newman way in both directions because of a serious accident. we know ridell road is the alternate. police are detouring people to get them around the incident. we are hearing the blowing snow is on the way.
5:21 am
howard was saying earlier anne arundel county is one of the many under the blizzard warnings. on 270, live from germantown road, drivable but unsafe out here. we have a few people hitting the roadway. actually switch it to georgia avenue and the east west highway. you can see clearly the snow is coming down. not out of the woods yet. a lot of the roads are very untreated. the beltway in virginia, van doren, mostly snow covered as well and icy blocks is what we have to watch for on the roadways. i'll send it over to andrea. a grudge match scheduled for tonight, while the capitals avoid the storm by flying all the way to canada. more coming up in sports. it is 5:21. dreams are amazing things.
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tough on stains, safe on clothes. trust resolve. forget stains. we have quick look at sports. the wizards lost last night to the bobcats an they are on break for the all-star weekend with a 17-33 record. maryland's athletic department didn't wait for the snow totals. they postponed the basketball game against the university of virginia until next monday night. the college park campus has been closed since last friday. the capitals ' flight to canada is one of the last to take off from dulles before the runway shut down last night. the team escaped the snow heading to mondayial with a
5:25 am
chance to win their 15th straight. alexander says the weather reminds him of home. >> remind me of russia, but, americans aren't used to it. >> i was looking at something yesterday that said buffalo has had 65 inches of snow and we have had 60. doesn't seem right. >> , no, it doesn't. nothing was falling from the sky expect flying beads. they celebrated their super bowl victory. players almost 300 players, staffed and past players tossed beads to the crowd. good practice since mardi gras is next tuesday. it was in the 40s there and they were complaining about the cold. we will look at when the system will move out of here coming up. plus, while the storm may leave, the danger from weakened trees could go on much longer. and updates on conditions for metro and at our local
5:26 am
airports. here's angie. >> live from river and falls road. looks like we had a couple of drivers outraving the elements this morning. not so much right now. a look at the roads in your area and blizzard warnings. we will have the latest after the break.
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there are already downed trees in the region and today's storm could cause more. unless you are emergency personnel it is almost certain your work is closed today. but the high winds could make things worse as the day goes on and with lows in the 20s and teens in the upcoming days we could have problems with refreeze in the morning. there's the news. welcome back. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. angie goff will have the traffic in a moment but first here's howard with what he is calling devastating winds we could be experiencing. >> we have so many trees that
5:30 am
are weighed down with snow, which when we get the winds gusting to 40, 50 miles an hour in spots, east. how could you not have more power outages. >> that's what i was hearing, not so much the snow but i have this tree that is teetering outside of my window. >> we cut off branches. >> people can't get to it and they are heavy and coming down. show you where the warnings are and we will get to radar and the computer. we are in winter storm warnings. the pink counties are blizzard warnings. they start at 10:00 including anne arundel, howard, frederick, north and east and also in the mountains, washington allegheny mountains, the entire panhandle of west virginia except the eastern part. martinsburg isn't in it but west of there is. we are talking about winds sustained over 35 for three hours or more along with the snow which will reduce visibility below a quarter mile
5:31 am
or frequent gusts above 35. a dangerous situation. the rest of us, winter storm warnings until 7 p.m. tonight. here's radar. you see how everything has filled in here. i don't think that pink is actual in the last frame. we have snow in many areas. live doppler hd. we see the area of mixed precip moving further east. we are going back to call snow. the dark blue areas across the region, montgomery and prince georges and charles and fairfax and the district and howard, all of those areas in northern virginia, those are the heaviest ones, an inch an hour or more snow. we have temperatures now 20s and low 30s. it is a little colder. the winds aren't there yet. the winds right now are north northwest at ten. later this morning, the winds will pick up and this afternoon they will be fierce and likely damaging. still expecting four to eight inches of snow across the region today. maybe a little more east and
5:32 am
northeast. devon lucie will join me at 5 listen 45 and we will break it down for you. here's angie with a look at the roads. >> if you are traveling 95 northbound through alexandria. we are seeing a mick of snow and sleet on the roadway. we heard from jessica doyle. she was seeing blocks of ice out in the alexandria area. very dicey drive for those that choose to make it. continuing north on to 395, live from duke street a couple of lanes are open for business but going southbound we have a downed tree at the ramp at king street blocking access to get on to king. moving to a glance of the district. 7th and h street, we have limited lanes because of the packed snow and now more snow on top of it and the side roads untreated. silver spring, colesville and university, the roads will have to be retreated as the snow continues to fall. andrea, i wish you could make it stop. >> i wish i had that power,
5:33 am
too. some areas seem to have lucked out so far this morning. jessica doyle discovered pavement when she headed to land this morning but then look at what she found. good morning, jessica. >> good morning. i'm also putting in a request, please make it stop, andrea. make it stop. what i have in my hands, i showed this earlier. this is a solid block of ice. can you hear that, solid. this is what you are finding on the roadways. it is a mix bag when you go out driving around. we are here in alexandria and you can see in front of me. this is sort of a mix of slush and ice and snow. the fresh snow is dropping down. takes a little effort to get to the pavement. take a little walk. walk back and it is solid ice. like a solid, slushy ice mixture and very hard and for folks that don't have four- wheel drive they will have a lot of problems getting around in this. take a couple of steps away and here's the slush and snow mix.
5:34 am
and a couple more steps back in the intersection and then if you can see this but this is solid pavement. this is what we saw a car five minutes ago make a u-turn in the roadway. it basically brought up pavement. so, if you are driving around in this, i probably not having much of a problem. the problem is, that's not the only thing on the roadway. we have solid ice. term of precipitation what we are seeing right now, it is sort of a cold, wet heavy snow that is dropping. hard to tell snowfalls here because everything has been touched the last couple of days. it is hard to tell what is new snowfall versus the snow on friday and saturday the mayor in alexandria is telling folks to stay home and let crews do their job. we are seeing crews here this morning and some police officers driving an and a military vehicle went down the street. unclear what that vehicle was doing this morning but we are telling you to heed the warning of the mayor, stay home and let the trucks do what they are
5:35 am
going to do and go about your business later in the day. for now, back to you. >> thank you. the local airports do not expect to have flight operations today. we will let you know if that changes and the airport authority will post updates on the website. as always, you are advised to contact your airline directly with questions about the status of your flight. the other issue is reagan national. the metro station there. it is still closed because it's above ground. metro suspended all of its above-ground rail service last night as fresh snow built up on the tracks. service on the underground part of the line started at 5:00 this morning and they will try to reopen above-ground stations as the snow is cleared. however, metro bus and metro access service are not running again today. the winds we are going to get during the day today could cause power outages again. the good news is we have very
5:36 am
few outages remaining -- don't park under trees with large dead limbs and don't park under leaning trees. that's the advice from bill ship shelton, a certified arborist. he has been dealing with tree emergencies for days. in one case two evergreens fell blocking an alexandria parking building. he predicts the problems will get worse as the winds get heavier. with cooler temperatures to the north and west, it's snow that's been falling there. 9 news now kristin fisher is monitoring conditions in gaithersburg, maryland. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. when i first walked outside at 3:00 a.m. this morning i thought not too bad but now you can see the
5:37 am
conditions are starting to deteriorate. walk with me. this is 355 and gaithersburg. you can see the roadway is starting to accumulate quite a bit of snow. we have seen several plows and salt trucks and snow blowers working the street since we have been here at 3:30 this morning but again it is only going to get worse. and now the snow is picking up the plows will have a harder time keeping the streets clear. not seeing a lot of passenger cars on the roads but a lot of people are walking and one of those people is a guy named darryl. i stopped and interviewed him during our 4:30 live shot. he was trying to get to work. he was a snowplower and he  called a cab and was waiting for the cab two hours and finally he gave up and was going to walk to germantown but just when we got done with that live shot he got a call and the cab drove by, picked him up. we had a chance to speak to the cabby to ask what the wait times were like. listen to what he had to say. >> if need need to get a cab
5:38 am
and get somewhere. what's your advice, how long before they get a cab. >> probably two hours. >> two hours. >> minimum waiting time they can have. >> two hour minimum wait time. >> gosh, can you believe that? two hour wait for a cab. i actually can believe it given the current conditions. thank goodness for darryl. he was able to get in to one. do not count on a cab or metro or any buses. you will be walking if you have to get somewhere this morning. >> poor darryl had been waiting since 2:30. good thing it came, though. we have more storm safety coverage on our website at there you can get tips on pet safety, food safety and preventing water damage to your roof. some people have shunned the offer for a warm place to stay in the storm. that story is coming up. just when you think it can't get any worse for toyota, one of their most popular mods
5:39 am
comes under fire. -- models comes under fire. use extreme caution heading in to fox hall. snow and ice on the way. our storm coverage continues after the break.
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5:41 am
some of the dc homeless refused shelter from the storm. homeless people use the overhang of an office building and some used cardboard and newspaper as extra insulation from the cold. hundreds in california are urged to leave their homes. they are under mandatory evacuation orders as rain threat threats to trigger mudslides. deputies asked the residents to accept the risk they are taking by signing waivers. toyota seems to have a new
5:42 am
problemmer day. safety officials say they are looking in to complaints from corolla owners. congress was scheduled to hear testimony today on toyota's recall of more than 8 million cars but our weather postponed the hearing. we'll check the drive on plain roads in the area coming up. and days of closings can be days without hot meals for families in the school lunch program. it is 5:52. here's howard. we will have more days of closings because the winter storm is not done yet. more winds and damaging snow this afternoon. blizzard warnings going up for some at 10:00. devon lucie is joining me after the break.
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the schools stays closed some families who use the school lunch program are missing out. the power was still out on monday and jessica couldn't provide hot meals her children would normally get through the school program. so they went to rich in order montgomery high school at the red cross shelter. >> we are here for the people and that's what we do. >> one thing we don't have to worry about is food. >> reporter: montgomery and fairfax county have set up shelters where food should be available. howard bernstein is here and the thing you are watching for, the winds as well as the snow. >> right now it is interesting to watch radar. things are really picking up. it is almost like a magic vacuum cleaner is coming in and providing this extra lift. the radars have almost exploded meet logically speaking in the last hour. things are mete really picking up there. the snow is picking up and later this morning, especially in to the afternoon, dangerous winds. i think we will have some
5:47 am
problems with trees and branches an power outages once again. to the computer and talk about the dangerous storm. right now, andrea, we winds aren't bad but i would prepare to lose electricity. hopefully you don't be be ready for it. some of the food in the house i hope is the stuff that is ready to eat. candles, safe candles maybe something in glass, flash lights, batteries and all of that. winds will pick up 15 to 25. this afternoon we think 20 to 40 plus. some areas gusting to potentially 45, maybe near 50 by the coast i was. nantucket is reading 50 to 60- mile an hour gusts with the storm up in southeastern massachusetts. as we look at the forecast, heavy snow this morning, three to six inches. becoming windy temperatures 25 to 30. this afternoon another one 0 to four inches. very windy, 25 to 30 and tonight early snow east and
5:48 am
mostly cloudy, windy and cold with lows in the 20s. here's the radar. you'll notice we have a lull overnight in virginia. look at how everything has filled in. ignore the pink west of 95. it is all snow. any of the mix is in calvert county. we go over to doppler hd and i want to show you what is happening here. we have the mix again across the eastern shore. snowing back to annapolis and back in to the district and baltimore. and some of the snow here is really rather impressive. we will see some of the bands of heavy snow, northwest of brandy wine and came through alexandria, probably having snowfall rates one to two inches an hour, maybe more than that. the blue area is an inch or more of snow and in howard and montgomery counties, want to move up north and the beltsville area we are seeing pink and purple areas expanding. they are moving to the north
5:49 am
and northwest inside the baltimore beltway, there north and west of baltimore some heavy snow. widen out one more time and show you a little more radar across northern virginia because we are watching the heavy snows here. really extending from west of fredericksburg, back through luray coming in to front royal and warrenton, west side of faulkier county and winchester. we have heavy snow we have been watching moving in your direction and that extends to frederick and hagertown. a lot of snow up north. a decent amount of snow outside. with more, here's meteorologist devon lucie. >> snowing steadily out here. as i'm talking ate starts to pick up in intensity a little more. snowstorm totals are starting to roll in from you and you can do that by logging on to that's the best way to let us know how fast, how quickly and what is stacking up where you are. six inches in cross junction. frederick county, virginia,
5:50 am
that's not on this list here but just got that in from viewers in the northwest area of dc. germantown five inches there. three in falls church, virginia. smithsburg, maryland one of the highest totals so far at ten inches. blizzard warnings, those are going to go in affect at 10:00 a.m. wrapping around washington right now in the appalachians out west. northern maryland, howard, baltimore and frederick county. the closest to the district. anne arundel county in there, too. as you cross the eastern shore, all of delaware is in the blizzard warning. and the winter storm warning for us until 7 p.m. >> it is going to get really dangerous around here once the winds start to howl, blow and drift. whiteout conditions along with any damage the winds will do. 20 to 30s right now and winds not bad out of the north northwest at 8 miles an hour and the wind chill 23.
5:51 am
the storm is back to the midwest and us blizzard warnings to new york city and long island. as far as how much snow we are thinking a general six to 12 when we are done. some spots north and east, frederick county, north and east a foot or more. same in the mountains. less down south. it will be mixing in southern maryland, four to six is possible and two to four toward our reedville an new land. seven-day forecast, we get rid of the snow and wind today. we stick with the windy conditions tomorrow. better weather on friday, saturday and sunday and monday a clipper system could bring us more snow. we will watch that, as well. angie goff is watching the roads very diligently. >> thank you, howard. we are reeling from that weekend storm. getting a lot of e-mails from people that are stuck saying when is my street going to be plowed out? the crews are working the main thoroughfares and they will hit roads leading in to your subdivision. next on the list they will hit
5:52 am
less-traveled roads. so plead be patient. they have a huge task at hand. we want to show you the outer loop. looks like more snow is coming down. the roads look well treated. the inner loop, word of a disabled vehicle. the vehicles that are hitting the road out there some of them are getting stuck. in anne arundel county, things will get windy and snowy out here. route 24 is close -- route 424 is close. they are using ridell road to get around this. live from the key bridge, losing one lane in both directions in and out of arlington from the snow of the weekend. it will get worse as more snow continues to fall. that's a quick look at conditions. now, back to andrea. we'll have more on efforts to clear those roads coming up. plus, if you think you have it bad, we may have found the woman with the worst storm- related caughtage story yet. to help my patients avoid dental problems
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
i recommend act fluoride mouthwash. act works with calcium to rebuild enamel. to avoid dental problems act daily. welcome back. road crews have been working continuously. jenny mccord is joining us from
5:56 am
vdot. how are things going this morning. >> we have pavement on the interstate. pretty much everywhere else is snow covered. slow going this morning if you are going out. we expect there to be a bit more coming an we want folks to be careful this morning. you can see there is definitely snow on the pavement. >> reporter: howard was telling us an inch an hour of snow is moving in your direction. we spoke to governor mcto be nell yesterday and he said the resources of the commonwealth were directed to our region, northern virginia. what have you received from the commonwealth? what more do you need to help to get through the next couple of days? >> sure. we are bringing in vdot crews around the state, especially from areas that are either done clearing up from the last storm are or aren't expecting as much snow this time. so we have crews and heavy equipment, not just the regular trucks we use but even heavier equipment that will help us to push snow this time. we have so much snow leftover that we need heavier equipment than the trucks that we usually
5:57 am
use. >> reporter: where are you putting the snow. >> pushing it. it depends where we are going. in some places we are hauling it enplacing it in other locations. we are trying to push it to the sides of the road but we are running out of room. we expect at this time, with this snow that we may end up with some narrow lanes, more so than last anytime. folks will have to watch for that. >> watch for that and if they can stay off the roads your advice is -- >> stay home if we can. we are tired of saying that. we know folks are tired of hearing it. it really does help. we know the conditions will not get better today the best thing to do is stay home. >> jenni mccord, thanks for joining us. a lot of you lost power during the storm as well as phone, cable or internet service but in temple hills, maryland, gary may have found the worst of those if you think you have got it bad stories. >> reporter: henderson road. we'll get to what you haven't
5:58 am
heard before in a second. what you have heard before. >> i had a limb come down on sunday after all the snow. come to find out it took down my cable and telephone line. >> reporter: so when she tries to log on to the net server, not found. >> my son gets his work schedule on-line from his company. so we don't have internet, he doesn't have work. >> reporter: and the phones. >> no dial tone. >> reporter: remember that what you haven't heard before, it came from phone and internet provider verizon. >> you could have knocked me over with a feather. i was stunned. i said you are joking, right, and she said, no. march 5th. >> we were told it would be march 5th before i get my line up and working. >> internet, too. comcast got her cable tv back in two days. >> comcast is fine, beautiful. verizon i'm not happy with right now. >> reporter: verizon says it has 19,000 customers with outages in the area and restored 2,000 since saturday. sandra says on the march 5th date we will work to get her back in service sooner than
5:59 am
that. please ask her to be patient. we will try to get to her as soon as we can. >> are you going to stay with them? >> i may not. >> reporter: verizon says it is having trouble getting in to 0 some neighbor neighborhoods and slow by some degree for repair crew safety. they say customers with problems can call 800-verizon for help but if they don't have phone lines, how can they do that? we'll be right back. oh, i'm sorry. here we go again. welcome to 9 news now special coverage of the latest winter storm to hit our region. it is wednesday, february 10th. howard bernstein and devon lucie have us covered with weather. angie has the traffic. we begin with the latest closings and the weather has forced most schools to keep their doors shut this morning. you can see them all listed at the bottom of the screen. several counties have mad the decision to cancel school the rest of the week. they are loudoun, anne arundel, frederick, montgomery, prince


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